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The Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) is organizing an Executive Leadership Seminar (ELS) For 2019 with support from Project Management Research Institute of Ghana for its members and other professionals (non-members) across the leadership and professional fraternity.

The ELS is a continuous learning seminar aimed at equipping participants with the necessary skills and professional acumen through training. As a valued stakeholder in the leadership and governance work of the Nation, it is hoped that your institution would benefit immensely from this seminar as it would offer a platform for members to update their knowledge and technical skills in order to remain competent and abreast with current developments in leadership and governance.

It is our recommendation that participants should include Heads of Institutions, Registrars and/or Administrators.


In a world that is becoming highly competitive, globalized and sophisticated, it is imperative for countries to have leaders and public-sector managers who can not only measure up to the current challenges but also anticipate and prepare for future ones. A leader must have a vision that is common and collective, far-reaching yet contemporary, reflecting the aspirations of every single citizen and the nation as a whole. This, in essence, brought about the establishment of The Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance.


CILG is an approach to prepare and equip individuals with ideas and innovations geared towards the proper and effective handling of

NEC Members

The NEC is the main scrutiny and accountability body for the local chapter of the professional body.


As you progress through your career, acquiring new skills, qualifications and experience, you will become eligible for higher grades of CILG’s membership.

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